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Buddha has said:

You become what you believe.

buddha quote you become what you believe spread quotes
That’s the power of words ! Words can instill an instant force within us  that otherwise may have taken a long road. With proper power of words, read at the right time, we can boost confidence, increase our courage and attain to fulfillment and can come out of negativity, situation of feeling down and depression.

Here are different motivational word clouds which focus on different aspects of life. They are motivational posters actually. They can be used by anyone: men, women, kids, students, entrepreneurs and businessmen.

You may wonder that what these words can do, right? Well, they are designed in such a way that at first they will look like simple words. But if you want to feel the power hidden behind them simply read them without thinking anything at all. They are designed to activate your subconscious mind directly without YOU being involved in the process at all.

Remember the law of attraction? These trigger words play exactly the same role of invoking the feelings associated with the words inside you and you begin to attract the flow of emotions, feelings and meanings that these words do carry with them.

Now, depending upon your current situation, a specific word will attract your attention more than others. That’s your main trigger word. Focus on it. Activate it. Repeat it. Speak it 10 times a day and you will begin feeling the power of it inside you.

You can also make affirmations or positive statement or positive sentences with these trigger words to command your subconscious mind to go in the direction you want. As you know that our subconscious mind simply obeys us and does exactly what we tell them with the force of feeling. So these motivational words are meant to invoke that force of positive feelings with which you can shape your path of happiness and success.

This is an amalgamation of psychology, The Secret and Law of Attraction.

Power of Words – When you’re feeling down

read words feeling down life motivational poster word cloud

Above motivational poster is very helpful in the situation when you’re feeling down in life. You may be feeling so depressed, stuck, hopeless and angry but when you read the words mentioned in above inspirational poster, you start feeling the new power within you, that serenity, that calmness, that anxiety-less moment, can all come through these words.

Let’s see what each word denote in brief and what power it brings:
Love – Imagine the feeling of being loved and loving others.
Happy – Imagine the feeling of feeling happy to your core.
Meditate – Meditation brings calmness.
Calm – Aah! the feeling of calmness. No stress, no anxiety, no panic attacks.
Receive – You deserve to receive better in your life.
Patience – The virtue of patience gets developed in you.
Accept – You get the courage to accept the things as they are.
Forgive – You learn to forgive others and feel at ease.
Silence – The less words, the more happiness. Silence is the best virtue to practice.
Peace – Feel that feeling of being totally at easy inside you.
Forget – Throw the unnecessary burden by forgetting some totally unnecessary feelings, situations and people.
Let go – We cannot really move forward until we learn to let go.
Enthusiast – That feeling of enrolling the excitement again in you.
Courage – You get the power to take necessary action without the help of others.
Self-confidence – You learn to realize the value of your talent and strength.
Gratitude – You become so light by showing gratitude towards others.
Compassion – Everyone going through their own misery. You realize this and you start to feel compassionate about others.
Smile – It’s a million dollar worth virtue. A smile can solve major problems.
Positive – Brings the change in mindset and attitude.

Power of Words – Improve your HEALTH

power of words improve health trigger words

There comes time when we are not feeling well in our mind or body. We have felt sick with some major illness or our health is not upto the mark. Reading the words from above motivational poster will bring a feeling of peace and confidence which will help improving the health.

Let’s see what each word denote in brief and what power it brings to health:

Heal – The word heal is such a powerful word that just reading or speaking it we feel our health improving.
Happy – Nothing beats this word. It brings an ocean of happy feelings with it.
Meditate – The way to connect with ourself brings a positive impact on our health.
Yoga – Performing the suitable yoga asanas, we can bring the flexibility to our body as well as rhythm to it.
Deep breathing – The most free shot of bringing senses to their base levels.
Gym – This word inspires to develop a positive lifestyle change by shaping our body and hence shaping our life towards better health.
Exercise – If we can’t go to gym, we can always do exercise at home, right?
Walking – The most fruitful exercise of all.
Sleep – Base of a better health. With a proper and sound sleep, one can have the most amazing day ever.
Blessings – When you feel that you’re being blessed by a higher power, your mental state improves and it brings a positive effect on your health.
Cycling – Let’s go with the wind! The body churning exercise. Makes our legs strong and our lungs stronger.
Oxygen – The nectar for our life and is totally free. Let’s consume it as much as possible.
Organic food – What we eat, we(our body) become!
Inhale – Exhale – We can do it anywhere. Simple focus on inhale-exhale process to feel the concentration and at ease.
Eat less – Do this to feel light throughout the day and at night. If we eat less, our body feels in rhythm with the nature.
Fresh air – Take a deep sip of air outside to fill our lungs with fresh air.
Drink water – Something we can do anytime to help our body feel better.
Hope – Setting our mind to a hope that we’ll be better makes a big difference.
Trees – The powerhouse of oxygen. Let’s spend more time in their company.

Power of Words – For a better RELATIONSHIP

power of words better relationship

Relationship requires a lots of things. All the above words denote a feeling or concern associated with it for a fruitful and happy relationship.

Let’s see what each word denote in brief and what power it brings to relationship:

Let go – Things if heated can cool down if we choose to let go.
Happy – Share more happy things with each other.
Accept – Accept that everyone has his/her individual personality.
Forgive –  Sometimes it’s better to forgive than let it grow to unnecessary chaos.
Forget – Sometimes it’s really not necessary to keep something in memory. Simple forget it.
Understanding – We all have our own opinion and differences. Let’s learn to build the bridge of understanding between us.
Love – Nothing beats love, isn’t it?
Emotion – Let not words always take over. Let emotions play its part. They speak more than words.
Care – Let’s look after each other, let’s take care of each other.
Feel – Instead of judging something, let’s begin to feel it first.
Give – Before we expect to get something, let’s first learn to give.
Help – Simply be of assistance whenever and wherever possible without any expectations.
Appreciate – Let’s learn to appreciate good deeds of each other.
Cuddle – If you’re a couple, a cuddle can always diminish lots of negativities.
Together – This word holds the true power within. When we learn speak “we” instead of “I”, we can begin to live on a different level in life, a better one.
Hug – Hugs allow to feel each other and exchange our positive energy with a notion that we love each other.
Support – When asked for a favor, always be the first to support.
Smile – You already know what wonders a single smile can make, right?
Respect – Above the differences, never forget to respect each other.
Take a break – It’s better sometimes to take a break individually or together to invite the new energy in your life.
Receive – When we learn to give, we will receive automatically.
Space – Respect personal space of each other.
Affection – Don’t forget to show it when you mean it.
Trust – The most essential brick of relationship.

Power of words – For SPIRITUALITY

power of words spiritual spirituality

Although, spirituality is not something to talk about but rather a journey to experience, there are few words as mentioned in above spiritual motivational poster that can trigger the associated feeling within us when we read them.

Let’s see what each word denote in brief and what power it brings to spirituality:

Within – All the answers we seek are within us.
Inner journey – We have had enough of external journey, it’s time to begin the journey inwards.
Inner peace – When we are peaceful at inside, it completes the full circle of peace.
Soul – Our real address!
Guru – Someone who shows the right path.
Present moment – There is nothing else than the present moment. Past and future are not here. All that we have with us is the present moment.
Nirvana – That moment of knowing ourself.
Meditation – The way to take a dive inside.
God – Source of everything.
Cave – This word gives the feeling of being away from the worldly matters and spend time with ourself.
Surrender – Surrender to none but yourself.
Silence – Less words, more energy.
Self-realization – Knowing the purpose of our existence.
Calm – No waves of ups and downs of feelings and thoughts.
Energy – After all we are nothing but energy. Let’s balance it.
Aum – The universal mantra, also known as OM.
Inner joy – When we meet ourself, we feel the immense joy from within.
Chakra – Gives the notion of our present situation, where we are.
Chant – For concentration.
No thoughts – Aah! that moment of having no thoughts at all. It’s blissful.
BE – Yes, just BE.
Zero state of mind – The state of no-mind.
Solitude – After all we came alone on this earth and we will depart alone, why not spend time alone as well.
Disciple – When we want to learn something from others.
Guide – Someone who guides us in the right direction.


Sometimes the solution is easy or at least the temporary solution is at hand that can buy you some time. Above words can be such a solution for you in the times of crisis, be it at personal level, in health, in relationship or in your spiritual journey. I strongly recommend reading those words displayed on the motivational posters for at least 10 times a day to feel the power hidden behind. We all are surrounded by negativity in various forms. It’s time to focus on the positive power of words. Good luck and feel free to share your experience through comment here. Thanks.

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