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113 Abraham Lincoln Quotes [Most Famous]


Abraham Lincoln Quotes have become a timeless source of motivation and wisdom. Throughout history, Abraham Lincoln’s words have resonated with people from all walks of life, captivating hearts and minds with their enduring relevance. His quotes encapsulate profound insights on life, leadership, success and the pursuit of justice. Although, Abraham Lincoln is such a personality […]

79 Authentic Rumi Quotes [DEEP]


Rumi quotes are some of the most profound and inspirational words ever spoken. His teachings have touched the soul of many and inspired them to find strength in their struggles. His words on love, authenticity, and peaceful coexistence are deep and thought-provoking. Rumi’s quotes have the power to inspire and uplift individuals, as they offer […]

147 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes [Meaningful]


Mahatma Gandhi quotes is a collection of words of wisdom not about one aspect but many, like peace, success, unity, leadership, education, truth, non-violence and it goes on. Mahatma Gandhi lived the life and gave message through his life instead of mere words and that has made him one of the greatest human beings who […]

117 Smile Quotes To Cheer You Up


Smile Quotes provide the needed inspiration to smile in case you’ve forgotten to smile in life. Smile is but many things. It brings the instant refreshment on your face along with making the person feel happy. Smile triggers the positive emotions within and helps reduce depression, anxiety and stress to some extent. It’s wrong to […]

172 Inspiring Karma Quotes [Universal Law]


Karma quotes help us understand the universal law of karma. The most common saying on karma is that ‘what goes around, comes around‘. Almost all religions support the law of karma. Bhagavad Gita is the prime source to understand karma and its effects. Everything in life is run by the rule of karma. Karma is […]

181 Travel Quotes to Fuel Your Wanderlust


Travel quotes are not just about inspiring wanderlust but can also be incredibly motivational and positive. The power of words can change your life and provide a new perspective on happiness and peace of mind. Many travel quotes relate to the beauty of nature and how it can provide a sense of tranquility that is […]

150 Albert Einstein Quotes [Mind Blowing]


Albert Einstein quotes are some of the most famous and thought-provoking sayings of all time. The renowned physicist was known not just for his groundbreaking scientific work, but also for his philosophical and humanistic views. Albert Einstein‘s quotes cover a range of topics including curiosity, imagination, knowledge, religion, and the mysteries of the universe. They […]

167 Happiness Quotes & Captions [Happy Life]


Happiness quotes are timeless reminders that happiness is not just a fleeting emotion, but a way of life. Over the years, people have shared their thoughts on happiness, offering inspiring insights that have stood the test of time. From the ancient Greek philosophers to modern-day celebrities, everyone has something to say about what happiness means […]

150+ Best Short Quotes To Make Your Day

Quotes have the power to uplift your mood, motivate and inspire you. They are an excellent way to encapsulate complex emotions and thoughts into a few words. Short quotes are a great way to express your feelings and thoughts in a unique and concise manner. These quotes are powerful, and often hold deep wisdom and […]

261 Family Quotes & Captions [TOGETHERNESS]


Family quotes are a great way to express the importance of family and the love that binds its members. They offer insight into the beauty and challenges of family life and inspire and motivate us to cherish and appreciate our loved ones. Family quotes often highlight the unique bond that exists between family members, emphasizing […]

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